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Our Brand Approach

We are on a mission to do better - by the planet and for the people who live on it. We’re a company that makes, sells, and ships products around the world and that inherently has an impact on people and the environment. We (and you as our community) desire to be part of the solution and have committed to creating a brighter, more sustainable future since the very beginning.


Carbon is Cancelled

We have committed to offset 100% of our footprint and become Climate Neutral Certified. It is the easiest thing we do to be sustainable. We all emit greenhouse gases by existing. Good news: we choose to be a zero net carbon emission company.


People & Our Community

We invest in people and our communities. For every tarp sold, we donate $1 to organizations that help people improve their lives through shelter. We believe that individuals and families can improve their lives through a place to call home. One use of a tarp is shelter, and we believe we have a responsibility to focus on shelter as part of our mission.

Because of your support and purchase, we’re able to donate. We’re grateful for many things, but our community tops the list. So from us to you, thank you.


Quality Products

We design products to solve problems and last. We want you to do more with less. We put quality first - what we make and how we make it matters. We push for better materials and for closed-loop recycling. We will take back any product we make at the end of its useful life to be recycled into something else.