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Nice to meet you!

Hi, we're Range Tarps.

We're inspired by the outdoors and adventure, and we are proud to create tarps that help you in your daily life and are built to last.

What we do.

Delivering a product that does more good is at the core of everything we do at Range. We’re all about creating tarps into a product that becomes one of your go-to staples. Our mission from the beginning was to build the tarp you’d use every day if it existed.


How we do it.

Our team sets the standard for a do-good tarp that is manufactured to take the abuse we knew we’d put it through. We decided early on our tarps had to be built to our specifications from necessity and firsthand experience while striving to be a sustainable business that is carbon neutral and giving-back. For every tarp we sell, we donate $1 to organizations helping provide shelters to those in need. We are determined to make the world a better place.


Why we do it.

We believe we have the tarp of the future and the one you have been asking for. Range is a community united over our shared passion for the outdoors, adventure, and a desire not to be forced to use that dingy, gross, cheap (we’ll stop there) blue tarp ever again.

Now you have a tarp that lasts and makes a difference for those in need. We are inspired by you and your creativity on how you use it.